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How to Find Someone in Prison

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Whether you are looking for a loved one who has been arrested, verifying a dangerous person is still behind bars or finding out when an inmate will be released or paroled, these tips will help you perform your search quickly successfully.

1. Have the correct information about the inmate. You will basically only need the proper name of the inmate you are looking for. If you have the inmate's date of birth, that will help you make sure you have the correct inmate. This will be especially true if the inmate has a common name.

2. Know where the inmate is located. You will need to know if the inmate is in federal or state prison or county jail. And if you know the inmate is in state prison, you must know which state. If someone has been charged with a federal crime but not yet convicted and is awaiting trial, he or she will not be in a federal prison.

3. There are paid services that combine information in one place for federal, state and county inmates. In addition, they have a huge amount of information and make available to you data from private sources, criminal files, federal court dockets, and arrest records. The fee is usually between $20 and $50 and they only require a one-time fee, no repeat billing.

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