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What is a Bounty Hunter?

Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter, also known as "bail recovery agent" or "fugitive recovery agent" is someone that hunts down people that have skipped out on their bail bond. Skipping out on a bond means that the person did not show up for their court date and have gone on the run to avoid being caught and returned to jail. A bounty hunter is usually required to be licensed in the state, or states, he or she practices in and they must know the laws under which they are required to operate.

Any real bounty hunter will tell you that their job is not nearly as exciting as the reality television shows paint it out to be. Many times they go to find the defendant and he or she is sitting at their house with some lame-ass excuse as to why they did not show up at court. There are times of excitement when the person goes on the run but those are few and far between. There is usually no "jet setting" lifestyle where they fly to some exotic place to retrieve the defendant.

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